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Thread: Is this oversupply or OALD?

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    Default Is this oversupply or OALD?

    Gosh, this just makes sense... My daughter is almost 4 months old and has had complete fits of SCREAMING, belly-ache-like fits every night in early evening. Of course, the doc just said "Colic" and sent me home, but I think this is what it is. Can I get some feedback?

    Mori is of course, exclusively breast fed. She is fed on demand, and has settled into a schedule of about once every 3 hours or so. She sleeps a good six hours straight at night, feeding heavily before and lightly after she wakes up. We co-sleep.
    Letdown, for me, is horridly painful. It feels like cramps, almost just like a leg cramp with that feeling of not being able to move it, etc. Milk sprays horribly everywhere. Mori normally swallows it, but it's gulping and painful sounding. Almost like someone else on her said, trying to drink from a water hose on full blast.
    She has fits every night, with bouts of gas and the leg kicking associated with it. We've tried everything from gas drops to 'bicycling' the legs, an elimation diet, everything! I'm about to pull out my hair.

    Could this be OALD? Would block feeding help (I plan on starting today)? I think i'm going to try to let he nurse until letdown, let it spray into a cloth, and then let her back on... sound good?

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    Default Re: Is this oversupply or OALD?

    That's total OALD. Your plan to nurse until LD and then spray into a towel is perfect. It's what I had to do with both of my kids. As they get older, they learn to control it more and it won't become much of an issue.

    The gassy reaction is from swallowing too much air (classic sign of OALD).

    You should notice a change in a day or so in her gas problems. My son used to scream when I put him on the right side to nurse when he was tired. Now, at 10 months, he doesn't care.

    Good luck!!!

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    Default Re: Is this oversupply or OALD?

    Block feeding will only help oversupply, and what you described sounds like OALD. OALD often goes with oversupply, but not always. Are her stools normal?

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    Default Re: Is this oversupply or OALD?

    Stools have been slightly greenish, but normal consistancy and such. Sometimes she whines a little when she's mid-bowel-movement, but it seems more like a pushing sound.

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