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Thread: Very Disheartened....please help!! (sorry, very long)

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    Default Re: Very Disheartened....please help!! (sorry, very long)

    i have two more questions....

    1. by letting her sleep on me will it mean that she won't get into a routine ever? and is this starting a bad habit?

    My DD had reflux so she couldn't sleep flat on her back. She wouldn't sleep at all unless she slept on my chest......for 3 months!! It was great and I got sleep too. Now she sleeps in the middle all snuggled up next to me an dis finally sleeping almost the whole night...she's 8 mos. I think it depends on your situation and what you want to do. I really don't believe in the bad habit thing...I think their routines change constantly so you never know whats going to happen!!
    2. how long should i let her feed on one side (when she's off and on regularly - cluster feeding) before giving the other side?

    I've been told by my LL leader to let her feed on one side until she empties it. That way she is getting the good fatty heind (sp?) milk. I have always done that too!!If you switcc and they dont get the fatty milk the foremilk makes them fussy because it is thin like water. My pedi said 10 mins on each side but I ignored that and went with what LL said.

    regarding telephoning a leader, i was going to before and didn't because i felt like i would just be told to persevere, but now i will definitely be calling them!! the 02893 number you gave me is actually in the town i live which is great!!

    I called a random lady I had no idea who she was. I got her ## fromn the website. I called her after I was home from the hospital one day and balled my eyes out to her cuz my little one wouldn't latch on. She was sooooo helpful!!! Call someone when you get a chance......they can answer soo many questions!!!!!
    HTH good luck!!

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    Default Re: Very Disheartened....please help!! (sorry, very long)

    its 8.45pm and so far we've managed to get through today without the formula. my left breast is getting a battering and is very painful. but i'm determined
    (feel like crying though )
    i have a feeling that i'll give her a ff before bedtime but if that's the only one today, its better than what it was i suppose x

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    Default Re: Very Disheartened....please help!! (sorry, very long)

    You should get some Lanolin for your nipple! My one nipple was cracked once for a few days and I dreaded having to feed him from that side. But this stuff helped a whole bunch!

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