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Thread: Nursing 3 or more?

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    Default Nursing 3 or more?

    I'm already nursing my 2-year-old twins. I'm PG again But I don't know if 1 or more (yet). I'm looking for support and knowledge from moms who triandem nurse(d) or more...I'm sure it's possible, but am I crazy to do it?
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Good for you for wanting to continue nursing your twins. I can't offer any experiences/advice but I do know nursing 3 is very possible. I just wanted to suggest that you try posting in the tandem nursing section for more replies.
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    I would also suggest the tandem forum. I do remember a while back a mother wanting to know about triandem- she was already doing tandem with two different aged children and was pregnant. I remember a mother here directed her to the mothering.com (I believe) forums as apparently there are mothers there who triandem. Although I have never been to the forum myself, so I can't really recommend it, just passing the info on that I remember.

    I hope you find the support and info you need!
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    Default Re: Nursing 3 or more?

    Just wanted to say, great job nursing twins. And congrats on your pregnancy!
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    Another thread with this topic ...


    I'd love to hear how it goes for you!

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