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Thread: mastitis help!!

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    OK..my ds is now 16 days old and my milk has gone AWAY!!!. It came in on day 6..and by day 9 I was only using 10% with the lact-aid, the rest was all me!!!! By day 12 I had developed mastitis in BOTH breasts.
    By the end of the day my milk had stopped completely and I had a screaming baby. I have continued to nurse him and give him the lact-aid as soon as he is fussy(usually after 5-10 min of trying to get milk). I nurse him the SECOND he seems interested. As of today my milk is not coming..I'm not feeling ANY let down and I can't pump or express any. I have taken antibiotics and the infection is gone. I am taking a combo of fern. and other herbs. I have breast fed 2 prior kiddos for a total of 4 years, so I'm pretty sure I know when baby is and isn't getting milk

    Will my milk come back? I am going to keep trying but I was really needing an uplifting story..I am sooo sad. Thanks for reading. Nicole
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    Just a couple things I thought about while reading your post: I don't have experience with mastitis but know just because you can't pump anything doesn't mean there's nothing there, babies are much more efficient at getting milk out than a pump. Also you mentioned that you put him to the breast as soon as he starts fussing, there are certain early feeding cues that can help that way you're not putting a fussy baby to the breast. Here's a link that might help:


    And lastly sometimes we have a tendency to blame all of our babies fussiness on not enough milk, I know I do. This isn't always the case, we just need to learn how to trust our body. As long as you're getting baby to breast as often as possible this will tell your body to make more milk. You're doing great!
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    i had mastitis too!! and it took about 3-4 days to get my supply back up, it was very dicouraging, i thought each day I was going to have to give up and change to formula. but I pumped more often (ever 2 hours) and took fenugreek 3 pills 3x a day!! and never had the problem again!! but it was a rough three days!! I still take the funugreek with my morning pre/post natal vitamins!

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