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    When did you all start giving lo a spoon to use while eating? When did they actually start being able to use it? My lo just turned a year and I've been wondering if maybe I've been slacking in this department. He's really good at eating with his fingers and stuff like oatmeal I just feed to him, now I'm wondering if he should be able to use a spoon on his own by now....

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    DD was using a spoon (messily) on her own before she turned 1. DS...not so much. The problem isn't the spoon (which is loves to use), but the temptation of a bowl placed in front of him. He just can't resist digging in with his hands. And then flinging food all over the place. Then tossing the bowl to the floor. Unless it is a day where I have infinite patience, I will do the scooping for him and hand him a loaded spoon and let him take it from there. At the park, however, he will feed himself shovelfulls of sand with ease!
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    My 2.5 year old only successfully uses a spoon and fork about 1/2 the time NOW, but I started offering her one around 12-18 months, I think. It was great to experiment with and that's how they learn!


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    my DS is 8 months old and I give him a spoon to play with while I give him some of his food....he really does seem to get it and tries....but is lacking coordination, I think the sooner they get used to holding the spoon the better...someday they will have the skills....

    the rest of his meal ends up on his hands, face....etc....MY LO LOVES EATING TIME CAUSE HE HAS A BLAST WITH FOOD....
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