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Do you have a local LLL leader or IBCLC with whom you could consult about pumping? Pumping is not supposed to cause sore nipples. You could have a pump flange that is too big or too small, or you could have the settings adjusted too high. Another option would be to contact the pump company and speak to a representative. She might be able to help you determine what the problem is.
The LC I saw did contact Medela and they suggested a smaller flange (as I am already using the biggest they have) but that one caused blisters so I am back to using the 36mm. Medela does not make any larger shields so I have been using the Gerber breast balm to help with the chafing. My nipples are a lot better than they were since I have been using that.

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Glad to hear that you're starting to get some answers. Is your little one doing well now?

She is doing wonderfully! She is healthy and happy!