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    I think it's finally official enough to post here. Nicole, after 20 months of nursing and sticking thru a pregnancy with me has stopped nursing.

    I don't know if I want to cry or jump up and down. I loved our nursing relationship but nursing two was starting to take its toll. She totally weaned on her own and is completely fine. Hasn't asked me once to nurse in a month. One day I nursed before leaving for a friends wedding and have never nursed her again.

    I hope Elise and I have the same wonderful nursing relationship as her big sister and I did. 5 months and going strong!!

    Wow one weaned and one has started driving - October was quite a month!!

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    wonderfull thats a great story for other moms to read.
    Kids do self wean with out lots of tears and pain!

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    I had a hard time when Haylee weaned, but was ecstatic when she started up again. She hasn't nursed in a few days now...I think it may have been a competition thing. I am sad, but I now at least know its not a result of the pregnancy and that she has chosen weaning on her own!

    You had a big month!

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    Wow, you did have a big October! Congratulations on a wonderful nursing relationship. I totally understand the mixed feelings.

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    Great Job Mama!

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