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Thread: Adoptive nursing

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    I just joined this forum. I will be adopting a newborn in December and would love to breastfeed. I have plenty of time to build a milk supply so I am trying to buy a pump. I read all the advice. How is it going? Did you have enough milk coming in?

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    I am still breastfeeding my adopted daughter who is now one. We started when we met at 3 weeks old using the Lact-Aid supplementor system. We didn't pump, use medication or herbs. It took about a month before I could produce enough for feedings. The night feedings were the last to go. Then I do have to haul out the supplementors sometimes when she is having a good growth spurt and when she first got teeth (my breasts were not happy with the first teeth and went on sabitical for about a week) but I put that up to not having the hormonal help of ever being pregnant or breastfeeding before. I would be more than happy to give more first hand info if anyone wants it. You can email me directly

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