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Thread: Needs more meals per day?

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    Default Needs more meals per day?

    So we had a WIC appt again today. The last time I was there I got my butt handed to me for not feeding DS baby cereal. Today, we saw a nutritionist and a student nutritionist. Both were very open to the BLS idea and were interested in finding out more info on it! (yaay right??) Then they told me DS needs to be eating 3 meals a day PLUS snacks. Now my little man would munch ritz crackers all day long if I'd let him, but those are really a special treat he gets once in a while...I'm mad at gerber so he's not getting any puffys right now either. He eats breakfast ALMOST every morning though lately he wants to nurse for 3 hours (or more!! ) in the morning and just stay in bed! So we've been skipping breakfast more or less, for lunch he usually shares yogurt and/or fresh fruit with my Grandma and I, and then he eats a good deal of whatever we eat at dinner. They also told me I need to give him snacks BEFORE nursing so he doesn't need to nurse so much (he's still nursing every 2-3 hrs round the clock). Wouldn't filling him up before nursing cause him to nurse less? I'm in no rush to wean him, and I don't plan on doing it any time soon. Does he really need MORE solids at 9.5 months? He's 20lbs 5 oz as of this morning, so it's not like he's under weight or anything. (10th percentile for height and 90th for weight)

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    Yeah - listen to your gut mama. He's doing fine. Let him nurse as much as he wants and when you do feed him - feed him yummy whole healthy foods - after you nurse.

    (nothing against WIC as a whole BUT Keep in mind WIC are the one's who told me I couldn't nurse while pregnant or I'd kill my baby )

    I think they do the best they can with the info they're given... next time fill them in on the benefits of Almost EBF for little babes and nursing beyond one.

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    If he's happy and meeting milestones I would say that he's fine. BM should be the primary source of nutrition until 1 year of age. Trust your instincts mama, I know you do whats best for Xman all of the time.
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    He's fine. WIC needs a new nutritionist.

    They may be concerned about iron- and that is why they are pushing cereal :duno: either way he sounds more than fine with what you are doing.

    Oh and if you are boycotting gerber - beechnut makes puffs, so does Wal-Mart.
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    dr sears said that gerber puff teach babies to eat chips at the LLL confrence that I was at.
    at 9 months my dd was eating very little.
    Do what you think is best, The ladies at wic have very little breastfeeding training!

    Hey did you know you can count your LLL group as a group wic session.

    At least that is how it is in ohio. You just get the leader to sign a paper that says you were at the meeting.
    Pretty cool.

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    YOU know what you're doing. Trust yourself, Mama.
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