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Thread: My boobs are everyone's business!

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    Default My boobs are everyone's business!

    I have been back home a couple of weeks ago and what is expected has happened: lots of remarks on the necessity of me weaning my 15 month-old. My MIL told me a story about an ignorant woman who was (disgustingly!) nursing her 4 year-old in order to not get pregnant. My father said I should wean by 18 months at most because he will be too big to nurse after that. A family friend who is a psychiatrist said nursing too long will cause psychiatric problems as an adult. Her husband, who is also a doctor, said there is no research that indicates that there is any benefit of BM after 1 year and that I should give my son Similac Advanced2 . Apparently, my boobs are everybody's business but mine I was also told by a colleague that I should wean because 15 months is enough. Here is my question: Since I have never asked anybody when I should wean my son, why does everyone feel the need to order me around on this issue? I don't take any of this unwelcome advice seriously of course but still it is disturbing to have to defend myself on an issue that is nobody's business.

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    I am so sorry. How you feed YOUR child is no ones business but yours- it shocks me how ignorant people especially medical professionals can be.

    people suck.
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    Gotta love unsolicited advice!

    This is a bit OT, but I think still pertinent. My mother and I were talking about Haylee's affinity for the pacifier, and how I sucked my fingers until I was 5. I said that if Haylee hadn't had a paci, she would probably still be nursing, that it was a suck need and my mom told me there was a difference between nursing that long and a child having pacifier or sucking fingers. She said that nursing past a year was for the mom and not the baby. I tried to explain that, yeah, I enjoy nursing, but that I can't force the baby to nurse and that some kids have a need to suck well beyond a year. Anyway...she thinks there is some grand difference between sucking a bottle, a pacifier or a thumb and sucking a nipple.

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    Default Re: My boobs are everyone's business!

    Sorry to hear you have to listen to uneducated opinions on breastfeeding your LO. I had this issue for quite some time with my SIL. I explained to DH how it bothered me and I would like to make a comment to her the next time. Well he did it for me. Said something along the lines of "her boobs, her child, her business" I probably would have said something a bit different, but it was refreshing none-the-less. Thought that might make you smile. You came to the right place to rant!
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    Wow, that is A LOT of criticism to deal with! No studies to show any benefit past age of 1 - what???? Uhggg. I guess in that situation, I'd respond to the people who were important to me (family, close friends) and just try to ignore the others? The American Academy of Family Physicians actually has part of its statement that a child weaned before the age of 2 is at increased risk of illness. That's a nice reputable, American medical organization to cite.

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    i think people say stuff like that 1.) they are uncomfortable with it for whatever reason, and can't just "not say anything" they have to feel like they are doing something proactive to ease their own discomfort (their problem, not yours!) 2.) are probably threatened (that's a harsh word, but I can't think of a better one right now) by your clear, consistent love and care for your lo that they perhaps feel is stronger than some of their relationships (with lo's or spouses/siblings etc) 3.)it seems lately that everybody has to be right. lol
    this probably wasn't much help, but i want you to know you're not alone. my mother will ask me in public, really loudly, "is he still nursing?" when she obviously knows (duh, she's my mom!) that he still does. Her intent is to embarrass me into weaning, but she doesnt understand that it just DOESNT embarrass me. I think people are just really uncomfortable with it, bottom line. it's too bad because it's the best thing for our lo's! You are doing the right thing (like i have to tell you, you already know this!)

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