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Thread: clamping down on nipple

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    Default clamping down on nipple

    My dd is 17 wks. She started clamping down on my nipples when she is eating and pulls them. Most of the time, it is when she is about done with that side. She has been sticking a lot of toys in her mouth and drooling a ton. wouldn't surprise me if she is teething. What should I do. I don't want this to happen with teeth. She did it at her last feeding and I sternly said ouch and pulled her off. She started to cry because I scared her. Any suggestions.

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    Since you've noticed that she tends to clamp when she is finished, you could try to notice when her swallowing begins to slow and then gently remove her from the breast before she gets to the clamping. Another technique for clamping/biting is to pull her in closer when she begins to clamp. Her nose will press into your breast and she will open her mouth to breathe.

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    I had the same issue. Pushing the baby's head into your chest will help as stated above and I would sometimes take my knuckle and kind of push her cheek in with it which would make her release her grip. I had talked to my doctor about this once and he said that if she is hungry she won't clamp down it is just when she is not hungry anymore that it starts. So he said if she clamps to release her from the breast and tell her "that hurts" (although she is not going to quite understand that just yet) and then put her back on. If you do this several times and she still clamps then she is not hungry. Again, this is just a little something my doctor had suggested. It seemed to work for me.

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