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Thread: Weaning and Fertility

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    Smile Weaning and Fertility

    Hello all,

    My name is Pete and my wife and I have a wonderful 15 month baby girl. We really would like to have another child and the sooner the better for both of us. Our daughter eats solids but still prefers breastmilk over everything. Right now she is breastfeeding three times a day. 6-7am, 1-2pm,7-8pm. My wife has not had her period since our daughter has come along. We are 'trying' to make another baby regardless.

    I just wanted to know if there is hope for us even though my wife is not menstruating and our baby still feeds 3 times a day. Ideally we would like to continue to breastfeed 2-3 times a day for as long as our daughter would like. At the same time we'd like to be pregnant with our second child. Is it realistic to think that my wife can get pregnant? My wife does say that she feels some action going on in here.....seems like something is trying to happen...she is very sensitive to her body.

    She approves of this forum post. I'm a bit more computer friendly than she and we are interested in thoughts about this. I have scavenged the FAQ's about weaning and just wanted to shed some light on my own personal situation.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Most women can return to fertility without fully weaning, and IMO it is a good sign that your wife feels like her body might be "trying" to return to fertility. this is common and the first few postpartum cycles can be irregular. Some women ovulate prior to their first postpartum period.
    Personally, my body did not fully return to fertility (meaning regular, ovulatory cycles) until my DD was about 18 mos. old. I became pregnant again when my DD was 22 mos. old.
    You and your wife may be interested in charting her fertility cycles. A good book on the subject is Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It helped me tremendously.
    Here is another link to a site called kellymom.com that you might find helpful:
    Breastfeeding and Fertility

    Good luck!


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    It's so hard to know when she'll get her periods back. It really does vary for each women (and even from baby to baby for the same women). I would venture to say most women who are only nursing 3 times a day have experienced a return of fertility. There is the occasional instance of a women not experiencing a return of fertility until complete weaning but that is very unusual (assuming here that weaning is being done gradually). I found that my fertility returned much slower after my 3rd baby then it did after my 1st and especially my 2nd. And while I can't prove it the major difference I believe was that I not only lost all my prepregnancy weight but another 10lbs on top of that after my 3rd baby. I have no idea about your wife's weight but if she's trim maybe trying to gain a little would help.
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