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Thread: change in feeding pattern

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    my lo is 4 weeks today and changed her feeding pattern. Up until yesterday she would BF for 15 - 20 mins on 1 breast then 5 - 10 mins on the other (every 2 - 3 hours). Now she is feeding 10 - 15 mins on 1 breast and refusing the other, but hungry again 1 hour later. Has anyone else had a change like this?


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    Yes! At about 3 weeks old, my LO went from 15 mins on both breasts every 2 hrs to about 5-10 minutes on 1 breast only every 2-3 hrs. Your LO probably has just gotten more efficient at each feeding or be going through another growth spurt (they go through A LOT of growth spurts up until 4 months old, or at least mine did).

    As long as she has the right # of wet and poopy diapers, she's getting plenty! You're doing great!

    Now at 8 months old, my LO feeds 1 breast only for about 5-10 minutes every 3-4 hours and has been like this since she was like 4 months old.

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    Default Re: change in feeding pattern

    I have nothing to add to what the previous poster mentioned, but I did want to post and see how things are going now. Keep us updated!

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