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Thread: Oral hygeine

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    Default Oral hygeine

    There is a high emphasize in the UK about brushing your babies gums even before their teeth come out. How many brush their babies gums/teeth, what age did you start? I am really worried about tooth decay especially now that she is on solids and her teeth have just come out.

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    I read that you should start oral hygene as soon as the first non permanent tooth comes out (brushing the gums around it with a finger wrapped in a damp gauze) but never heard about gums themselves... maybe it's to get the baby used to the procedure as soon as possible?
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    i started when the tooth broke thru, we have 2 bottom teeth now and I wipe all of his gums, and he "brushes" with me in the am and pm.

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    I started when DD got her first two teeth. I did do the gums along with the teeth. Now since she is older, I still brush her teeth and gums with the finger brush two times a day, and after I finish she can brush her own teeth with a big girl toothbrush. She thinks she's big like mommy when she uses the toddler brush herself. Too cute.
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    it is recommended to wipe gumms after drinking milk (specially formula) because there is always some residue that can be great for colonizing bateria....this should start at birth. If you are bfeeding, it´s not as important.

    When teeth come out, rubbing then with a gauze with water is enough after having solids.

    About tooth decay and bfeeding: there have been studies that show no relation...in relation to night feedings. Formula does relate to tooth decay with bad hygeine habits and all night bottle (one babies take to bed).
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