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Thread: 2 things freakng me out, normal?

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    Default 2 things freakng me out, normal?

    Right at 7 weeks she suddenly went from 2 weeks of eating nearly every hour, to eating every 3 hours or 2 hours.

    Also my right boob which always leaked horribly, isn't barely leaking anymore.


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    Default Re: 2 things freakng me out, normal?

    around the 6th week there is a big growth spurt, and babies nurse and nurse and nurse to adjust mummy's supply to their needs... for some babies it's a matter of a couple of days, for some others it takes more (mine, for example, does exactly like yours, taking about 10 days to "do the job").
    as per the leaking, when it stops or reduces it only means that your breasts 'have got the message' and produce more exactly what it's need (other than what they "think" it's needed... YKWIM?) so it's actually a good thing... besides, some mummies never leak and have no problems at all with their supply... like me! I swear I had never ever leaked a single drop... at the beginning it was freaking me out, making me think i didn't have milk enough (we are never happy, are we? when we leak we worry, when we don't we worry... ). though, considering that I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 6 whole months and DS is a happy chubby boy, I think my milk must be enough, after all... and I never had to wear breast pads!!

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    Default Re: 2 things freakng me out, normal?

    panzona said exactly what I was going to.

    I have been breastfeeding for almost a year and I still leak randomly- usually at totally embarassing moments.

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    Default Re: 2 things freakng me out, normal?

    I was leaking like a sieve till about 10-12 weeks and now its very rare. It was so bad that I used to sleep on towels with no shirt cause i hated that wet shirt feeling. I wouldn't worry, I know I still have tons of milk cause my LO is huge!
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    Default Re: 2 things freakng me out, normal?

    sounds normal on both counts! keep it up Mama

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