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Thread: Pressured to wean

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    Unhappy Pressured to wean

    My dd is almost twelve months. She nurses several times during the day and throughout the night. I am getting A LOT of pressure to start weaning her. I am very happy with our current nursing relationship and don't feel any need to start weaning. Fiance was never too encouraging about breastfeeding and has now started making comments on the fact that she won't need the milk after a year. I know that there are so many benifits to both dd and myself that I don't want to wean. It is really stressing our relationship. How do I convince him that dd will wean when she is ready and that it is best for her to do it that way? Thanks

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    But she DOES still need breastmilk after a year. Until 2 years, in fact, according to the World Health Organization. If you did wean, she would need to drink 16 oz of whole cow's milk (or the equivalent nutritents from other foods) until she was at least 2 yo to make up for just the main claroies, fat, protein, and calcium she would be missing from not recieving breastmilk.

    Here is an artice you might find interesting:

    It expalins how new research shows that breastmilk after 12 mo is actually more nutritional than it was before 12 mo.

    Ultamately, when and how you wean her is completely up to you. Don't let anyone pressure you either way, ok?

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    Is it possible to get at the real root of why your partner is feeling the way he is? Is it a fundamental lack of understanding of the benefits of BF? Is he feeling jealous (consciously or subconsciously) of your baby getting so much of your time, attention and physical connection? Does he have other issues with breastfeeding related to his upbringing of family traditions? It might be worth a very open and honest discussion or two.... who knows? It could be that gaining some insights into what's really behind his prompting might help you NOT have to do what wouldn't be good for your baby anyway! Just a thought.... good luck - and keep us posted! We can be pretty good at creative suggestions and advice around here, so let us help if we can!

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