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Thread: how do you prepare food?

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    Default how do you prepare food?

    I have been giving my 5 months old one serving of solid food a day. i mix 1-2 tbsp of oatmeal cereal with fruit/vegetable. Should I prepare the cereal separately (cereal+milk)? then offer fruit/vegeatble (or alternately)? Do you add water to your food?

    His poop looks creamy (like a peanut butter). I know he's not constipated but would adding water help it to become less creamy. He poops every other day now.

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    Default Re: how do you prepare food?

    My baby started pooping every other day from about 4 months until ... well... he often times still skips a day at 10 months. The creaminess is probably from your breastmilk being their main source of food. A little cereal won't change that.

    As for mixing, I did cereal and breastmilk. The Boy wouldn't take it mixed with anything else.
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    Default Re: how do you prepare food?

    I've only ever added bm to his cereal/oatmeal. I only offer oatmeal now (rice cereal is just too bland- and kept his stool stiff).

    At breafast, he gets oatmeal (mixed with bm) with fruit. Dinner is mostly veggies, a little fruit.

    His stool is pretty regular so long as we only have bananas once or twice a week... but it is closer to play-doh, than cream.

    He gets water in a cup once in a while, but not regularly...

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