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Thread: First Tooth and First Bite!

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    My son's first tooth came through on Sunday! Its just a tiny chip now, can't really see it but I can definitely feel it. Last night while nursing he bit down and it HURT!! I took him off and said "No! You can't bite mommy, it hurts mommy." I really don't think he got it.
    Any tips to avoid biting? I'd like to continue nursing at least until a year but it will be a long 6 months if I can't get him to stop biting! I think it feels good on the other tooth about to come in next to it - he is biting down on anything and everything!

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    Hang in there mama , DS also has started biting this week, so I know how you feel. This link is all I have to offer you http://www.kellymom.com/bf/older-baby/biting.html

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    Just wanted to send some encouragement your way to hang in there! I know it hurts, but try to be understanding that he isn't intentionally hurting you. Sometimes giving something to chew on like a wet washcloth before nursing can help and also giving it to them if they bite and telling them they can bite on that can help. Let us know if it persists. Paying attention to when he bites can also help. DS would bite if he didn't really want to be nursing or when he was done. By watching carefully I was able to pick up on some of those "biting" cues.

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    oh wow something I know about!!!! My Lo used to bite me all the time for awhile especially when she was teething. Two approaches worked for me, but remeber do what is best for you and your baby....
    1. I would notice when she about to bite and gentle put her head more toward me so she would take in more nipple, it really does work but after a few attempts.....
    2. I would take her off the boobie and tell her ouch that hurts
    Mommy and then put her back on.. I had to repeat this one several times...

    The biggest thing they just got them so they have to learn to nurse with them. The good news my LO has all her teeth and we nursed with them too and I never noticed... Good luck and hang in there it does not feel good one bit at all but it does get better...
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    I also got a few bites when my little guy's first teeth came in - they can't help it, they are just trying stuff out I suppose! I followed the usual advice, which was to take him off when he bit and tell him not to bite Mummy. Unfortunately, my "serious and stern" Mummy face seems to crack him up and make him laugh, but he got the message surprisingly quickly and after just a couple of days seemed to stop completely.

    Also, watching for those cues is useful as when they are properly latched on, they won't be able to bite - I got bites when he was finishing and just pulling off the breast, so either pre-emptively removing him or pulling him in closer worked as well.

    Every now and then when he was messing about, he would try a little bite but the result was always the same so he doesn't bother anymore.

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    My DS suddenly grew 6 teeth (4 up and 2 down) and I´ve noticed that he likes to bite a little when he is finishing nursing....he bites and looks up at me smiling, of course I don´t smile back and tell him that it hurts mommy...

    So, when I sense that he is almost done, I take him of the breast slow. It´s becoming less frequent now.
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    OOO I haven't had the 'first bite' yet but every time we nurse I think today's the day.

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