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Thread: What To Start With? Need Iron?

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    Sweet potatoes are a far better iron source than cereal because it is absorbed better. Mixing half a jar of fruit (because it has vitamin C helping iron absorption) and half a jar of sweet potatoes worked great for us since my baby would tolerate fruit only when it is hidden behind a veggie anyway Also I started adding pureed beef to my son's veggies around 7 months for iron.

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    Does anyone use tehina (crushed sesame) paste as an iron source? I live in Israel and it's a staple of the diet here but I'm not sure when it's meant to be introduced to babies since it doesn't appear on the standard US lists.
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    tahini - what was mentioned in the previous post is usually not recommended to babies in the us or western europe until 1 yr of age b/c it's made with seseme seeds and could trigger a food allergy...my dd tried it for the first time at 10 mos old with hummus and pita bread b/c our family doesn't have any food allergies.

    we just skipped iron fortified cereals and dd started having a small amount of meat at 7 months.

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