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Thread: sore right breast!

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    Default sore right breast!

    my LO will be 5 weeks tomorrow -- i'm a FTM. i've been EBF him - no pumping yet.

    anyhow, as of early this morning, my right breast began to get sore...and now, it's 3:30pm PST and it really hurts.

    he did nurse on this side twice already - but it still hurts.

    there are no white dots on the nipple (as you can see, i'm trying to self diagnose) but my breast is so sore that when i hold my LO on my right side and he's next to my breast, it is VERY sore/painful.

    i am not sure what this is? plugged duct? i don't think it's mastisis...i'm just throwing around words i've read before!

    is it just engorgement perhaps? should i take a hot shower and massage it out? just trying to figure out if this is common or not.

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    Default Re: sore right breast!

    also, two more pieces of info (sorry!)

    1) last night was the first time LO took the paci. we didn't want to use one at all, but i had some soothies on hand in case....well he was so miserable and crying for a few hours -- we took him on a car ride and he still wouldn't fall asleep - he was just over tired. (we had seen relatives, he was sleeeping, he woke up from his nap, got cranky)

    anyhow, he finally took the paci while sitting in the vibrating/bouncy chair -- and when he calmed down, i nursed him and he fell asleep.

    can that have a negative affect on my breast or nursing so quickly? (like w/in 12 hours?)

    2) i have a forceful let down -- does that have anything to do w/ this?

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    Default Re: sore right breast!

    What you describe sounds to me like a plugged duct or, perhaps, the beginnings of mastitis. (Don't panic!) With a plugged duct, a part of your breast would feel hard, engorged, and sore. The size of the plugged duct can range from rice grain to large egg, and you would be able to feel the hardened area under the skin.

    With mastitis, you would probably have the plugged duct symptoms, and in addition, feel flu-like symptoms and see an area of the breast that is red, or streaked with red.

    If you feel your symptoms match plugged duct best, here are some things you can do:
    -moist heat: soak the affected breast in warm water, or apply warm moist washcloths before nursing
    -nurse or pump on the affected side as often as possible, to draw the plug out (nursing is preferable to pumping, as babies are more efficient than pumps)
    -nurse on the affected side first, as babies suck strongest when they are hungriest
    -nurse with the baby's chin pointing towards the affected area, as the strongest suction happens in the direction the chin points
    -if none of the above works, try nursing in an all-fours position, with your breasts dangling into the baby's mouth from above, so that the baby's suck gets a gravity assist

    If you feel that your symptoms match mastitis, do all of the above, and get yourself over to your midwife/ob and ask for some antibiotics to treat the infection.

    Giving a pacifier and a having strong letdown don't seem to me as if they would cause what you're experiencing. But you might want to avoid the pacifier for now- they can change a baby's latch/suckling pattern. Maybewait to re-introduce the pacifier once this soreness clears up?

    Oh- and one more thing: do you have any nipple soreness? If so, you could be experiencing a nipple bleb/blister. Those are areas of thickened skin that block a duct, causing a localized area of engorgement (a.k.a. a plugged duct). They can be very painful. Frequent nursing and moist heat are the first treatments to consider if you feel like a bleb may be your problem.
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