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Thread: 14 months and still wants boobie

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    Default 14 months and still wants boobie

    It's been a while since i've been on the forum. I"m still bfing but i would like to ween my DD off the boobie but it seems like she doesnt want to. I've been trying to introduce her to whole milk gradually and she will drink it if i give her 1 ounce whole milk and 3 ounces breast milk. she will not drink it alone and hates chocolate milk. She is eating a lot more now but at night still wants the boobie. please someone give me a solution. i think its time!

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    Default Re: 14 months and still wants boobie

    Why do you think it´s time? the WHO recomeds bfeeding until 2 years old....Your baby is smart if she´s still wanting to bfeed, cause it´s the healthiest option...

    I really don´t know what to say.....sorry, I just think 14 months is too small to wean, they are too small to understand that they can´t have something they love!

    I hope you reconsider.....
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    Default Re: 14 months and still wants boobie

    just wanted to let you know there's a weaning forum that may be helpful. You have done great BF'ing for 14 months!
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    Default Re: 14 months and still wants boobie

    There's also a LLL book out there called How Weaning Happens. It might prove helpful for you
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    Default Re: 14 months and still wants boobie

    I would also recommend reading this book if weaning is what you want to do. They give suggestions to mother led weaning. If your LO truly is attached, it might be a bit of a challenge. LO might not be ready, but the book is a good read and sure to help!
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    Moving this to weaning
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