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Thread: Is it worth it?

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    It is definitely worth it!! Even if your LO's not getting a ton of milk, he's still getting antibodies and perhaps more importantly, mommy-time with you. I know some people have success with taking fenugreek to help increase their supply though I'm really not sure how much you'd need to take. Anybody out there know? Keep up the good work!!!

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    I just wanted to say you are doing great. I know how hard it is to pump at work. Can you lock your office and put a sign up? I just wanted to offer what I do to keep supply up. I feed the girls before I go to work, I pump on the way, I pump twice a work (AM break and lunch break) and then pump on the way home if they are eating, if not I feed them immediately when I get home. I use a symphony pump and schedule so I don't work more than two days in a row (I know that is probably not an option for most jobs). I used to hate to pump (in the bathroom) now I found a place and it is my sacred time for the girls, look at pictures, call my husband to see how they are doing, come here and read. There are countless stories on here about mamas who brought their supply back, you can do it!

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