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Thread: Will frequency of feedings decrease?

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    Question Will frequency of feedings decrease?

    Hello, I posted in the regular forums a while ago and figured out that I have an oversupply issue. My son is 3 months old and I have switched to block feeding of 2-3 hrs per side two weeks ago. His frequency of poops seems to have decreased but not the volume, they are mustard colour but still very runny. (as this is my first I am not sure if this is normal). I seem to have been successful in decreasing my volume some as I leak less during the day but still do at night. I am still getting some significant spray (worse on the right side) during let down and let it run off.

    My question has to do with frequency of feedings. My son eats every 1hr to 1hr1/2 during the day (occasionaly I will get a 2 hr break for one feeding but not every day). He is sleeping well at night - we have never really had a problem here - he will sleep 4-7 hrs before waking to eat and then every 2 hrs after that until he wakes for the day. I was hoping that his frequency might decrease as my supply decreased and he was getting more hind milk. I am just wondering how long it can take to adjust and if I should be expecting a change or if my baby is just one of those that eats frequently.

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    Default Re: Will frequency of feedings decrease?

    It is really hard to say if things will change for your ds. He may just be the type of baby who enjoys smaller, frequent meals. This may change over time as he gets older, and it may be unrelated to the block feeds and supply issues.

    Hang in there! Things will get easier.

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