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Thread: Getting More Milk From One Breast Than Other

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    Hi all,
    My LO is 8 weeks old, and breastfeeding happily (and constantly!) but I need to pump to get ready to go back to work part time.
    I've been having my husband bottle feed breast milk early in the AM (around 7AM), then I pump about 1-2 hours after that.
    All said and done, I pump about 3-4 hours after my last breast feeding.
    Here's the thing - I usually get about 2.5 to 3 ounces of milk from my right breast, but only 1 to 1.5 ounces from my left!
    Is is normal? It seems so uneven.
    Also, how much milk should our LO be taking in per feeding at this stage?
    It's hard to tell how much she gets because she nurses very frequently, so I'm not sure how much he should feed her when I'm gone for 5 hours each day. He's been feeding her 4 ounces per feeding so far.

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    From my experience things will even out after a little while, I used to get as much as a ounce difference now I am pretty even (it evened out a couple weeks after working) I am still ususally a little uneven in the morning, depending on what he did through the night, KWIM?

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    One of my breasts (left actually) has ALWAYS been the higher producer over the right - with both dd's now this has been the case. However, I find it really convenient, actually. Both my dd's were/are big time comfort nursers esp. at certain times. So, DH and I devised a nickname and plan. Left boob was "the big gun" and right was "the little gun". So, when comfort nursing was more wanted, I nursed with the little gun. When dd was really hungry or we needed to get going, the big gun. I want to note, though, that I nursed both equally in the beginning and switched sides like I was supposed to (ie. nursed first the boob that was previously nursed last). But, my body adjusted to an imbalance, so I decided to work with it. I still nurse the same number of times and only use this "division of labor" at a few nursing sessions.


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    Default Re: Getting More Milk From One Breast Than Other

    I pumped for a year, and was unbalanced the whole time!

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    I have the same issue, my left is the better producer... I asked the pedi about it, and he said when nursing to always put baby to the breast that produces the least, first, when the baby is most eager to eat - therefore getting that breast going better. It's definitely helped me to even out.

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    I'm also pretty uneven - maybe 2.5-3 ounces on one side to 1-1.5 ounces on the other. I think I do preferentially nurse the one side, but being lobsided is definitely normal, either way. As for feeding, 4 ounces at a time sounds pretty normal for bottle-feeding breastmilk.

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