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Thread: Help! Returning to work Monday, 6/12/06. Baby refusing bottle.

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    Red face Help! Returning to work Monday, 6/12/06. Baby refusing bottle.

    My baby is three months old. She took the bottle in her first month, when I could not breast feed due to sore nipples. Over the past two weeks I've had my husband and mother-in-law try to give her the bottle, but she refuses. Are there any sippy cups that will work for a baby this young?

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    Default Re: Help! Returning to work Monday, 6/12/06. Baby refusing bottle.

    Hi Renee, Welcome on board! So sorry you are dealing with the stress of how to feed your DD at the same time as coping with going back to work in the first place. Not to go through the obvious suggestions, but some thoughts that come to mind immediately are these....
    - have you tried a few different kinds of nipples/bottles? just because she liked it earlier, doesn't mean that DD will like the same thing right now. My DS was very particular and while he did take, say, an avent bottle a few times, he went on a total avent strike suddenly (of course after we bought a whole bunch!) and then would only use NUKs. So.... try a few different kinds.
    - is the temperature of the milk in the bottle close to body-temp? sometimes small changes in this can make a difference when re-acclimating a little one to taking bottles.
    - have you made yourself scarce - really out of sight/hearing/smell range of your DD when she is being given a bottle? If she doesn't believe she has to go the bottle route, she could be stubborn about waiting for momma since she knows you are there!
    - is the milk freshly expressed (or from the fridge and warmed), i.e., not frozen and thawed? some babies are reluctant to take thawed milk in the early days on the bottle -- you can get around this by mixing with fresh milk and gradually changing the ratio.

    Re: your sippy cup suggestion, I would look for ones with lesser flow and small openings. Make sure that DD's head is well supported, etc. (DS likes "the first years" sippy cups, will also use evenflo and avent ones with no prblems.) You can also gently try a very small 'regular' cup and see how DD does with it. Be careful with flow; sometimes it's easiest to use something that you can see through (clear plastic).

    It sounds crazy to say, but try to relax. DD *will* pick up on your anxiety level - and goodness knows you have to be experiencing stress with going back to work (I remember it well!!). This will sort itself out.... come back and ask more questions and let us know how it's going. Good luck....hang in there.

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    Default Re: Help! Returning to work Monday, 6/12/06. Baby refusing bottle.

    jsmom had some very good suggestions.

    A few other things to consider:

    Don't offer the bottle when she's already screaming with hunger. Try to catch her when she's just starting to get hungry.

    You may have to totally leave the house for her to take a bottle.

    There are other options to bottles, too. Think about shot glasses, medicine cups, spoons, medicine droppers. Get creative.

    However, once baby is hungry, baby will eat. Baby will not allow themselves to starve if food is available.

    Expect your baby to want to nurse as soon as you're together Monday evening. Even if she's eating enough to quell the hunger pains during the day, she'll still want to catch up with you that evening.
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