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Thread: Sleeping on the Breast!! Bad Habit??

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    Default Sleeping on the Breast!! Bad Habit??

    I have been going back and forth with on demand feeding and scheduled feedings. While I know it is not good to be rigid, I was afraid to give my lo the breast everytime she cried. She is 2 months old now and when I posted a question about feeding for comfort every reply suggested that I should comfort my lo with the breast if she needs it. At night she would go through screaming fits, I became frustrated b/c it wasnt time for her to eat and I didnt want to just give her the breast everytime she cried. Now I put her on the breast to go to sleep and she is getting used to it. I want her to be able to fall asleep on her own and if she wakes up to fall back to sleep on her own. HELP!! Will she break out of this?

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    Default Re: Sleeping on the Breast!! Bad Habit??

    your LO is 2 months old. Right? Have you noticed that she's too young to be able to sleep alone or on her own? Of course she's crying because probably she feels insecure at night or wants you next to her. I think we are too tough with our children. I was feeling the same when my LO was in your's LO's age. I was tired and i was hearing mother's saying i left my LO 10' crying and then she/he was used to it and after she started sleeping by her own. And i was saying why i can't do it. Then i realised that there is a large group of mother's here in LLL, that do not want their baby to be 'mature' so soon. I mean they are babies. They were in our belly, confortable, warm and now wea want them to sleep by their own and in their crips.
    Believe me! Your LO is going to grow up and you'll miss the time he/she used to sleep on your breast. After they start gazing things they get interrupted so easily.
    It's not a bad habbit! It's a natural affection

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    Default Re: Sleeping on the Breast!! Bad Habit??

    I agree Lo is to young to BE A pain. He/she dosen't know any different then to be next to you. As a mother of 3, a 9 y/o, 6 y/o and 1 mon, it goes very fast and there will come a time that you wish your lo one would just let you hold them. Also are you trying to burp your baby when she screams and you know she is not hungry. Maybe she has a tummy ache and just needs to expel some gas. Try burping, changing her diaper and then breast if you know she is not hungry. Remember it goes quick so it won't last long. Hang in there!!!!

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    Smile Re: Sleeping on the Breast!! Bad Habit??

    From my experience when you breastfeed there is no such thing as "Oh, but it's not time for your feed yet?", there's no feeding routine and scheledue to follow when it's comes to breastfeeding. It's important that your baby is offered the breast on demand, because the breast isn't just used for feeding.

    My 1st baby daughter was EXACTLY like yours, she used my breast for absolutely everything she could think of ; to smooth her, to be closer to me, to help her sleep, to feed, for warmth, for love and attention and even out of boredom. My daughter hated to sleep without being on my bust first. I used to think like you, perhaps it's my fault she's being like this. But NOW I realised it's NOT! Because, when my 2nd daughter came along, as a baby, she WOULD go to sleep on her own accord all by her self like it was the most natural thing in the world! And, didn't need to be breastfed every time! I have treated both babies EXACTLY the same.

    From my experiences of 2 difference babies, don't worry about the way you are doing things. All babies are different, some are very clingy and need their mums more and some are quite happy to watch the world go by and fall asleep of their own accord without a whisper.

    I would just go with the flow of your LO, if she wants you, she wants you for whatever reason. It's natural.
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    Default Re: Sleeping on the Breast!! Bad Habit??

    I agree.
    If your baby cries and wants you---don't deny her of that. I used to fear that I was establishing bad habits with my boy (now 4 months), but when I take his world and new environment into thought, I quickly remember how much he is adjusting to. You are the only thing/one who is familiar to her, comforting for her.

    That said, I sympathize with the frustrations that arise at times.
    I recently posted a question about "possibly overfeeding?" (breastfeeding infants forum) because I fear that I offer the breast too often, as it seems my lo has a habit of wanting to nurse at every opportunity. There are nights when he wakes a lot and I get frustrated that my husband can't put him down, that I have to constantly sit up and nurse him back to sleep.
    Then again, I remember that I made the choice to supply at his demand, and that mellows me out.

    I have a theory that if I'm sure to give him all he wants/needs, whether it's for nourishment (physically) or comfort (mentally), he will grow up with a certain confidence and trust that was established between us when he was just a baby. I fear that denying him his most immediate need at this age will leave him with an emptiness that may resonate within him for his whole life.

    ok. that's too much---but sometimes it's what keeps me going.

    Also, there was a time that I told the midwife "he didn't seem hungry at all today, but yesterday he was eating every hour. Is something wrong?"
    She said, "some days you're hungry, other days you eat very little. He's just a small human, just like us."

    I rambled. big time.

    In the end, I think we need to value what time we do have with them at this age. The habit will someday break.
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    Default Re: Sleeping on the Breast!! Bad Habit??

    Thank you ladies. I just needed to hear that..We just want the best for our children. Although I love that she needs me I don't want to be selfish either. I want her to be confident and secure. I will continue to give her what she asks for...

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