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Thread: Pulling off one side.

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    Default Pulling off one side.

    For some reason my lo is acting crazy on the left breast lately. She drinks for a minute or two and the arches and pulls like crazy. The left breast has always seemed smaller and like it had waay less milk than the right. Could it be drying up? She is getting so fast at draining me that I just can't tell what is going on.

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    Hello mama,

    The size of the breast doesnt in anyway reflect the quanitity of milk in it..in fact lots big sized boob mama's complain with low supply, does she gag or anything like that?, if she does then maybe yyou got Over active let down.
    And maybe what you feel is right, I mean that your left breast got less milk hence she is crying coz of the slow flow of milk, my LO used to do that, in that case keep offerin it, you dont wanna loose your supply or try pumpin but make sure not to overpump so you dont end up with Over Supply. Also, Try to change the position, sometimes that makes whole lot diffrence.

    On another note, some los' have prefrences nothing more and less, they like one side more than the other, just keep offering the left side in variouse positions and see how it goes.

    My LO used to do that and nothing calmed him, so i stopped worryin about it since he was gainin weight pretty well, eventually he outgrew it..HTH

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    Default Re: Pulling off one side.

    Thank you!!!

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