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Thread: Tomorrow is Monday and no supply

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    I think stress is a huge factor. It uses your bodies energy for one which can take away from your milk production. I know once I cam to terms with not be able to get my baby to latch I showed a minor increase in my milk production.

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    Oh momma I am so sorry that I got your message late.

    All of the steps that you have been doing are better than great.

    Your period can be a huge factor in a low supply and normally after pumping away (once every hour (2wink) it will come back. Hydration and a lack of stress are also key. Being stressed makes your body use resources that are otherwise delegated for milk production.... And least of all mentally draining.

    Have you checked all of your pieces. No tears or holes in diagphrams or valves???

    Also could it be possible another bundle of joy is on the way? If not, if you are taking a hormonal birth control it could have impact on supply. Even some allergy medicines can dry you up. Some bodies are more sensitive than others.

    Just remember if you do have to supplement, to pump and use breast compressions. I heard some pump twice because a pump is not as efficient as baby. Also have you tried to get the larger flanges for your pump. It will cut down on irritation.

    Momma stay strong I know it is hard work, but don't cry over things you can not control. We have no valves, no slow medium fast flows. Dont feel guilty or sub par just appreciative of all the time you have.
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    I had a huge dip when AF returned. I pumped very little for 2-3 days. But I pumped often even though I wasn't really getting anything.

    Fenugreek has helped me considerably.

    And - is there any way at all that you can pump more than once in those 8 hours? Even if only for 5 minutes - until you can get home and get more out.

    Don't beat yourself up. You're doing the best you can.
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    Unfortunately, I am still in the same boat. I have only been pumping once in the eight hours and staying up late to try and pump for the next day. I am trying oatmeal as I type this I hate oatmeal. Anyways, I hope this works. I was trying the fenugreek but I noticed LO was very fussy, so I have stopped. Right now, I think I just have too much going on, it feels like we are never at home until it's time to sleep. I can hardly hold my head up while pumping, but I will still try.

    Anyways, thanks for the help ladies. I really appreciate it. Also, one more question, does flax seed oil help milk production? Just wondering.

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    I was able to dig up some information on Flaxseed oil at Kellymom.com (not an LLLI site):


    Is there any way you can take a couple of days off and have a "nursing vacation"? Sometimes, all it takes is a few good days of nursing/pumping to get over a slump. If you are scheduled solid, you put your body under a lot of stress, and spend less time nursing your baby. Have you talked to a local LLL leader or IBCLC? Do you have anyone supporting you right now? It is important to take care of yourself.

    Hang in there,


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