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Thread: Solids Strike?

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    DD is about 9 months old. She got her first 2 bottom teeth the past few weeks. She has been fine for about 3 weeks now. All of a sudden, yesterday seh has been on a solids strike. She won't more than 3 bites of anything. Not even her favorites. I thought she might want to feed herself so we started trying that (she's not very good-still no pincer grasp). She's alos wakign every 1.5 hours to be comforted back to sleep. She didn't do any of this with with first 2 teeth. Does it sound like teething to you? Or just a few days strike? I hate that she is not eating as much as before. Thanks!
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    No expert, but DS1 did just the same things when he was teething. Not got that far yet with DS2 (only 6 mths), but definitely sounds like Archie. He would go off everything when he was teething. The only thing we could get down him was cereal and yoghurt.
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    My DS is on a solid strike as well. He's 10 mos. I'm not sure if it is due to teething. For a while, he ate almost everything. Then he came down with a viral illness and diarrhea and it made him lose his appetite. The only solids he will take consistently is cheerios and today he took yogurt. I'm hoping this will pass.

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    Sounds lik my DS who went from eating 8-12oz of solids a day to practically nothing when he was teething. This lasted a few days. He was 7.5mo then and they were his first - bottom two. He too got up very frequent at night and screamed! Im still waiting for the next two to come out Im not sure how those would affect him.. Good luck mama..

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    Same here... unknown solids strike going on two weeks but no signs of a coming tooth, and didn't do this for first few teeth. While on only milk again, had loose stools but expected that. Otherwise normal kid, but then developed a headcold. I don't know if feeling crummy came first and thus the food strike, or just coincidence. But not he is accepting solids again in small amounts. I wonder though... my DS never ever even on his best days ate the "portions" they recommend for solid food intake. He just doesn't want that much! Should I be encouraging bigger portion sizes or more frequent meals to get the recommended daily servings of F&V every day into him? BTW, DS is 8 mos.

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    I just posted about this too...I think its the top two front teeth...we'll see

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