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Thread: One giant breast... one sorta' giant breast?

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    Default One giant breast... one sorta' giant breast?

    I posted a little bit ago regarding my milk supply.."15% 85%"...I am still having issues..maybe even a little bit less in my left breast now.
    I am still pumping a little after each feeding and pumping a little extra in my left as per the lactation consultant to increase flow..I have been BFing for a little over 2 weeks now and am ok with the fact that I will primarily BF from my right...I stilll throw LO on the left for ha has at the end but nothing ever happens.
    My left breast has always been significantly larger than the other but now my right breast is at least a cup size larger...very obvious...it has only been 2 weeks...will my breast get even larger?
    I don't plan on giving up by any means due to this but just want to know what to expect.
    Any advice on how to "pump" up my left with milk?
    I have been drinking Milkmaid tea w/ fenugreek but I think I will buy some fenugreek supplimnets tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: One giant breast... one sorta' giant breast?

    I have one breast that is a "super producer." When I pump, I can get a huge output from that breast and a smaller amount from the other. Over time, it seems to have evened out a bit. Thinking back to those first weeks, one was bigger than the other, but once you settle into a routine and your body adjusts I'll bet it wont be so large.
    Congrats on your new baby and

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    Default Re: One giant breast... one sorta' giant breast?

    I am lope sided as well...one is bigger than the other.., i read that oatmeal helped lots of mama's to increase their supply..HTH

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    I was lopsided for a while but the milk production pretty much evened out for me. I've always had one a little larger and it is more pronunced I think after bf.
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    Default Re: One giant breast... one sorta' giant breast?

    You're describing my dilemma exactly! My left boob has always been bigger than my right. But now, even when engorged it only pumps out about 1oz whereas the right can pump out 4oz! I'm trying to drink lots of water and also express my milk after feeding to encourage my milk supply on the left boob. but I don't know if it's a lost cause because the left boob was sucked on too hard the first week I started feeding, it then had a scab and after it healed, it was never the same again. I'm wondering if it's possible that some holes were closed up.....This is my 5th week feeding and so far no improvement...if anything, it's gotten worse. I do try and feed from the left first....

    I hope someone has the solution to this problem!

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