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Thread: Lactose in Milk Question

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    Question Lactose in Milk Question

    My son was born at 35 weeks (35 weeks, 5 days). He has been exclusively breastfed since birth (except for two small doses of formula, while we waiting for milk to come in). I was using a nipple sheild with my son. He would last up to 3 hours.

    The nurse told me this would give him too much lactose. Yet, even though he has stopped using it, every 3 poops are definately with green curds, the key sign he is getting too much lactose. How can I fix this? IT is also making him gassy, so the sooner I can find solutions the better.


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    Is your baby gaining weight? How is his nursing pattern?

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    The nurse said the nipple shield would give him too much lactose??? I don't understand that. Have you tried cutting out your dairy intake. My daughter is a 6 week premie and is now 9 months old and we have to use the nipple shield with every feeding (I hate it, but I have flat nipples and she refuses to nurse without it). She is dairy and soy sensitive and I am on a dairy free and soy free diet. Also have you tried burping inbetween and before feedings?

    Mom of Madeline

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