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    My babies were born 6-12-06. I gave birth to my twins Shane (male) & Bailey (female) 10 weeks early. My baby girl lived only 14 hours due to a lethal form of skelatal dysplaysia I wanted to breastfeed so I started to pump while I was still in the hospital since Shane was in the NICU.My milk supply was very good at first starting out with about 2 oz every pump session the same week they were born then by the next week I was up to 6-8 oz every session then last week that quickly declined to about 2 oz again. I think partly due to not being able to pump as much as I was suppose to since I was on the road alot going back and forth to the hospital, having 3 other children at home with active lifestyles, and also starting birth control pills. So my question is after going about 3 days without pumping at all (cause I thought I was going to have to give it up), Can I get it back??? Shane was able to come home fromthe hospital yesterday 7-10-06 and I'm thinking that I would really like to to start nursing him. Due to being a preemie though I'm also affraid that he doesnt suck hard enough to get any milk out of my breast, the few times that I did try to put him to breast he wouldlatch on but suck only 3-4 times then just stop after repositioning hima few times I then would have to give him a bottle and he would drink it right up.I also would like to know will it affect his digestive system to switch him back to the breastmilk after being on formula for about 3 days?Thank you to all that can help me!


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    call you local leader today. Or get into touch with a lc..
    they can help
    You'll have to start pumping and a leader or a lc and help you figure out when and how much,
    and teach you how to get the baby back to the breast.
    Good luck

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    They can go back and forth from the breastmilk to formula, my daughter had a 10 day stay in the NICU (6 weeks early) and they had her on formula the whole time with a little breastmilk (me and the pump didn't get along, I felt so stupid walking in there with 1/2 oz in each bottle everyday from that days pumping session). Once she got home she has only been breast fed. I agree with the previous post to contact the LLL or a LC to see if they can help out.

    Mom of Madeline

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