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Thread: Average Feeds short times

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    Question Average Feeds short times

    My son is only 39 weeks, he was born at 36. He has been 100% breastfed since he was born. The problem I am having is that he does not last longer than 2 hours between feeds (2 if I am lucky). When I had my last son they said I had an overabundance of milk and feed on one side only, so that is what I have done with this son. But even when I try to feed on both sides, I am not getting long jags between. How can I increase this time? Is it because he is early? Am I doing something wrong?


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    Every child is different.

    My first was the way you are describing your son to be. She nursed every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours (but usually every 1 hour and 50 minutes). I nursed her on both sides every time. My second nurses every 2 1/2 to 4 hours and has only ever taken one side at a feeding.

    I think that a lot depends on the child's metabolism. But it might depend more on their need to suck and feel close to mom. You could try to change what he does or what you do (i.e. letting him nurse longer, offering both sides, breast compressions at every feeding, etc.), but it is really difficult to change what a child's needs are.

    I spent so much effort trying to get my first daughter to last longer between feedings that when I look back on it, I do reget it. Then my second daughter just naturally went longer between feedings without any effort on my part at all.

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