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    For four days now, my 2-week old has been having greenish, slightly mucousy poops. They're still seedy/curdy like before (they'd been yellowish/orangish). I called a local LLL leader and have been just feeding her one breast at a time, letting her re-latch onto the first if she still wants more after unlatching and resting a bit.

    She's gaining weight - 8.2 at birth, then dropped to 7.11 on day 3 (before my milk came in), and yesterday (day 13) was 8.11. I'm comforted by the fact that she's gaining weight, but am so sad about the green poop - I just want her to be OK! I'm thinking it's maybe a virus, since trying to give her more hindmilk doesn't seem to be working?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    I recently posted a similar question and someone directed me to this site:

    "The Color of the Day"

    I hope this helps.
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