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Thread: I think it's going well...

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    BFing came really easy to me too! I felt like it was not very important to me to do it for very long before I had my baby, (my mom always made a big deal of it so I gave it a try) but here I am 8 months later and I dread the day I have to wean her! I gave formula in the first few weeks or so b/c I thought it was not a big deal and obviously my dd agreed...she would take it then. However...I stoped the formula when I got sick of making/washing bottles and now she wants nothing to do with it!! She loves her juice and will take EBM but forget getting the formula in her tummy! Sound like everyting is going great for you and your peanut so I would not worry one bit! Count your blessings...some mommy's have a terrible time!

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    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the help. I think the problem is the flow (which can include a slow let down, right?), but I'm not sure what to do about it. She feeds just fine the rest of the time. Would trying to increase my overall supply help at all? The problem with that is that I can't let her nurse more than she is now, and it's a struggle already to let her nurse as much as she wants to due to thrush and an ongoing latching problem.

    I've kind of given up on correcting the latching issue, because nothing really seems to be working. I know that her lower lip should cover more of the areola than the top, but we can't seem to get the hang of it. If I get her to open wide (which is somewhat difficult), she closes her mouth the second she feels anything touch her lip, so she's clamping down on my nipple before I can really get her on me. Plus, I notice that if I do get a good latch on, she immediately moves her mouth (or maybe just her bottom lip) so that her bottom lip is right underneath the nipple. I've tried all kinds of positions, pulled on her chin before and after getting her latched on, but NADA! And I'm still not sure if my nipples are sore just from thrush or if the latching is causing soreness, also.

    Wow, I sound really frustrated, but it's really not that bad. It's been rough the past couple days and my nipples are really sore, so that's where my frustration is coming from. We seem to be on this roller coaster, and it's just up and down. I thought that one day it would just click, and it doesn't seem like it has.

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    I have latch issues as well, but they are getting A LOT better. One thing that helped me when I was first having them was the Medela nipple guard. Have you used one of those?

    They are ideal to help baby learn to latch correctly and also help to heal your nipple. You should only have to use it 2 - 3 days.

    How I used it and seemed to work great:

    --Put on nipple and hold lightly only with thumb and forefinger
    --Express a little milk so baby can get milk right away so she knows that plastic thing is a good thing
    --You may need to "tantalize" her by dribbling EBM or formula on the guard to get baby to take it and keep it in her mouth. I would have to keep dribbling until she got a good suck
    --wash it with soap and water. YOu can put lanolin on sore nipples before feeding, too. That helps put a protective coating on them and is safe for baby.

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    Dont worry about being frustrated from time-to-time (get used to it, cause before you know it - they're TEENAGERS! )
    It is a lot like a roller coaster - ups and downs. The thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot more ups than downs
    if you're having a lowflow problem, pumping can defiantely help - milk supply is directly influenced by demand; the more goes in the more that gets taken out.
    I can recommend a safe natural way to increase milk flow: take fenugreek. It's a herb that you can get in a pill or capsule form in any health food or vitamin store. take 3 caps/ day. Or you can make it into a tea with blessed thistle from a herbal /tea specialty store. There are other teas available in good health food stores, some even ready-made tea bags that are formulated for milk production. I have a friend who had a problem with low production and she had 3 cups of "mother's milk tea" ( a south african brand, I dont know how its marketed in the US) per day and doubled her flow within a week!
    eating oats can also help.

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