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Thread: Breastfeeding dilima!!!

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    Default Breastfeeding dilima!!!

    Hi girls
    This is my situation! I give birth to my son on 20 of september, so now he is 1 mounth old!
    At the hospital the pediatrition told me that I sould breastfeed but give him formula too, because he is not get enough milk from me!
    I did that!
    I breastfeeded him and give him 60 ml formula the whole mounth
    These days I am trying to give up forumula, and go right ahead to breastfeeding! I am not sure how much I have milk, I think I have, not soo much! I don't flow before I breastfeed him, but I know that the situation is better then before!
    Now these days at day I breastfeed him only, at night i give him formula so he can sleep and I can have rest!
    He is all the time awake, and all I can do is breastfeed him! How can I know that he is not hungry? HOw long will this take? All day breastfeeding! Will I have more milk if I breastfeed him all the time?
    Thank you in advance

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding dilima!!!

    Congrats on your LO! I can't believe they told you to supplement! Because breastfeeding works on a supply and demand basis, and during those early weeks is where you really set up your supply.

    Your LO could be nursing all day because he is going through a growth spurt, or maybe because he is comfort sucking. Maybe using a paci would work? But let him suck if you think you have a supply problem because the more times he is at the breast it will signal them to produce more! Which is maybe what he's trying to do.

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    Hello, I think you should stop giving formula at once....you will have more milk if your baby nurses more at the breast....

    Organize yourself for a week,,,get someone to help you in your house so that you can dedicate yourself to your baby 100% and nurse all day long....

    Try to not give formula during the night because that is when breastfeeding increases prolactin levels (hormone that produces milk) for the next day....you have to breastfeed at least 2 times during the night so your milk supply goes up...

    you have to be persistent and try to NEVER skip a breastfeed...even if you do still supplement a little, always breastfeed first....

    Good luck
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    Default Re: Breastfeeding dilima!!!

    i wanted to add that not BF at night "so you can sleep" will not help your supply at all, in fact it might have the opposite affect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarthMama View Post
    i wanted to add that not BF at night "so you can sleep" will not help your supply at all, in fact it might have the opposite affect.
    OK . . off topic *sorry!* you have an Eliana too! Love it! ok, back to topic . . .

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding dilima!!!

    Congratualtions on your baby and welcome!
    Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. The more your baby nurses from you, the more your milk will be there.
    New babies may nurse every two hours or so. If your LO seems hungry, offer the breast. Even if he is comfort nursing, this will ultimatly help your supply.
    Settling into a routine at first is difficult. However, if you start feeding whenever the baby seems hungry, this should help your supply and eventually the baby will fall into a more managable schedule.
    Hope this helps!

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