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Thread: Sleep and Feeding

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    When ds was born, we had some feeding/weight gain issues, and I was put on strict dr's orders to wake him up every 2 hours to eat, and every 3 overnight. Well, now he's 4 weeks old and is gaining amazingly well. I've been letting him sleep up to 4 hours overnight (although he usually wants to eat more often than that), but sometimes he just doesn't seem to be hungry then. When is it ok for me to just let him wake up when he feels like it? We don't have another dr's appt for a month, and it's really hard to get in, so I can't just ask her. Thanks in advance.

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    I'd say if he's been consistently gaining weight for the last few weeks and is nursing well, you are safe to let him run things here on in. Take your cues from him on when he wants to eat.

    Good luck!

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