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Thread: Soft breast vs slightly full breast

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    Wink Soft breast vs slightly full breast

    Am I the only crazy person who does not like soft breast? I still fear my supply is getting ready to run out as for the reason for soft breast. Please tell me I am crazy but normal fear?
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    I know what you are saying. When my supply started regulating and I wasn't as engorged I didn't like it either... I liked that feeling of having lots of milk! However, try to just trust your body! As long as you nurse your baby on demand, your body will produce what your baby needs. Keep an eye on the dirty diapers to know that your baby is getting enough. The good news about regulation for me was that I stopped leaking and didn't have to wear those breast pads anymore around the time I wasn't feeling engorged anymore. That was about 9-10 months ago and we are still going strong with bfing and I've had a great supply the whole time. Our bodies are amazing!

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    I don't think you are alone in that one! I worry about the same thing. Then when I wake up and my breasts are throbbing (because baby hasn't eating for 3 hours or so), I am relived! I think it's just natural to worry about things going wrong if you have had breastfeeding challenges. Especially when things start going good, I am reluctant to admit it because I realize there will most likely be more challenges ahead! Good luck!
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