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Thread: My baby is sick

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    I just found this out myself: Apparently the difference between the regular vicks with vicks baby rub is that the latter does not contain camphor which can be harmful to babies.

    According to one report, ingestion of camphor can cause severe liver and central nervous system injury, and neurotoxicity has been observed after exposure to camphor through the skin.

    I also found this..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JManon View Post
    sitting in the bathroom with the shower running will help with the congestion as well. The steam loosens everything up.
    This worked for me with DS1
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    Thanks Selina! I had just put a camphor based liquid in the humidifier about 5 minutes ago- didn't know it was bad for the baby. I quickly turned it off!!

    Maybe will try some baby vicks today if the congestion gets worse.

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    My poor little one is coughing it makes you feel awful, like you can prevent it. I make my six year old wash his hands all the time and still he passes things to her. Just don't use any infant cough and cold there all recalled I'll pray for chunky! Selina your so brave!

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