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Thread: defrosted milk question

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    Question defrosted milk question

    I put some milk from the freezer to the fridge to defrost yesterday morning. It is still a little slushy in the middle. When do I start the 24 hour countdown until it goes bad? When I put it in the fridge or when it is fully defrosted?

    I put too much in to be defrosted and REALLY don't want to throw it away, but if I have to, I have to.

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    Might be a little late for this now, but I did want you to know that food safety guidlines would tell you that the countdown begins once the milk is thawing. Also, milk that is still slushy (still has ice crystals) can be re-frozen, per food safety guidelines (google is your friend! ).

    To prevent this in the future, store milk in small increments (1-3 oz). Leave in the freezer, and thaw under warm, running water. It thaws VERY quickly. No need to defrost in fridge.

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