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Thread: When to introduce bottle?

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    Default When to introduce bottle?

    Hi! My daughter is one month old and EBF. Sometime within the next couple months, I will be returning to work. I will be working infrequently ... any where from 2 to 4 12-hour shifts a month. So my husband will be bottle feeding her expressed milk while I'm working.

    My daughter is doing good with breastfeeding now, but the first couple weeks were a little rough. She was extremely sleepy and we had some latch issues. I don't want to ruin my (super) hard work at overcoming those issues and sticking with breastfeeding by giving a bottle too soon. I've read bottles can be introduced around 3-4 weeks old, but I'm still kind of leary about giving her a bottle at this point.

    So, any advice on when I should introduce a bottle? Any advice on methods for giving a bottle? Also, what is the best kind of bottle/nipple to use? I only want my daughter to bottle feed when I cannot physically be with her.

    Thank you all for your help!
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    Default Re: When to introduce bottle?

    I completely understand how you feel!
    I hated giving a bottle and didn't listen to any of my friends who said to introduce it at 3-4 weeks.

    I waited until about 8 weeks old to introduce the bottle andmake sure she could drink from a bottle. Then I gave a bottle about 1x every 2 weeks - I went back to work when dd was 14 weeks old. She takes 2 bottles a day with no problem and goes right back to breastfeeding when I come home.

    I use the playtex naturallatch.

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