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Thread: Sore when BF due to teething infant

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    Default Sore when BF due to teething infant


    My son will be 6 months old and his 2 bottom teeth are almost all the way in. Wondering if any one has any advice for me when I BF. The problem is that he isnt really biting but no matter what position I try to nurse him in or how many times we re latch his teeth are rubbing on me and making me sore! It does not make nursing fun! I don't know what to try. Any help would be great as I am getting frustrated and it hurts! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Sore when BF due to teething infant

    I had this when K got her first two as well and it can be really irritating. Have you tried your LO to take more of the breast? Meaning, not just the nipple but almost all the areola in (as much as if comfortable for you both). That helped me. Also, good old lanolin to help with the scrapes. It will be over before you know it.

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    Default Re: Sore when BF due to teething infant

    Am soooo glad you posted this!! DS has just the tiniest corner of a top tooth poking through and it is rubbing like heck!!
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