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Thread: I can't keep anything down.

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    Default I can't keep anything down.

    The antibiotics I was prescribed for the mastitis have pretty horrible side effects that include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. I am trying my best to eat, but I cannot keep it in. I cannot get out of bed. If I sit up, I get nauseous and dizzy.

    I am trying to maintain my fluids, but again, nausea and vomiting usually follow.

    Daniel is drinking water, nursing as often as I can convince him, and eating avocado, chicken, oatmeal and banana to try to maintain his calories.

    I'm really worried about him, and if this is going to damage our breastfeeding relationship.

    Any tips? Experiences?
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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.

    The last time I had a hard time with antibiotics, the only thing I could eat was ice cream.

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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.

    does your doctor have an after-hours number you can call?
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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.

    Poor L!

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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.


    What are your mastitis symptoms like now? Are you still running a fever? Do you have any lumps? Visible cracks on the nipple? Is your breast hot? Red?

    What home treatments are you doing in addition to your antibiotics?

    Have you called your doctor to let him/her know that the antibiotics are making you so ill? Perhaps if your doctor knew you were feeling so ill, he/she might prescribe an alternative?

    Keep us updated!

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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.

    I'm sorry! I don't have any advice, but huge Hope you are both feeling better ASAP!
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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.

    Call your doc and see if they can change the meds, sounds like you might even be allergic to the ones you are on!!!

    I've been reading all of your posts and my heart goes out to you. You're so strong for going through all of this and sticking with BF'ing!

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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.

    i'm so sorry lyn!!!
    normally when i am sick like that the only thing i can keep down is gingerale and chicken broth. i hope you feel better!!
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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.

    No experience with mastitis, but did have a couple of bouts of nausea/diarrhea/vomiting while pregnant with Norah and nursing Kate.

    On the 3rd day of eating NOTHING, my milk dried up, she continued to nurse while eating solids and on day 5 of this bug when I started eating again, my milk supply came right back.

    It sounds like Daniel is eating pretty well. Do your best with fluids. You'll bounce back soon!
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    Default Re: I can't keep anything down.

    i hate logging in and seeing this kind of news
    hope you feel better, sweetie.
    G can go the entire day w/out nursing (or EBM) while i'm at work one day a week and he does fine and the next day he's back to normal....so i think when youre feeling better, daniel will bounce back to nursing like normal.
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