I have been BF my daughter for 4 months now. All is well. She is thriving, very chubby (97% weight!), it's sooo easy, we are loving it. I love feeding her in the middle of the night without having to get up, go downstairs to make a bottle, etc. I could not imagine that. I also love not having to sterilize bottles, what a pain that would be. I also breastfed my son (who is 4 years now) for about 20 months!

Anyhow, here comes the problem. I have been having very achey, stiff, painful joints in my hands and feet for about 5 weeks now. I am having trouble buckling car seats, writing, turning car keys, etc. I went to the rheumatologist. Not all blood tests are back, yet. But I do have a positive Rh factor, though. Please pray that it is NOT rheumatoid arthritis! I have no diagnosis, yet. So for now, she has me taking 6 ibuprofen a day! I have only been taking 4 because I worry about the safety of taking 6 while breast feeding. I worry about taking it at all while breastfeeding. The doctor says it is safe, but that can NOT be good on a little baby's liver!!! What do doctors know? But she says I need to take it to help reduce the swelling and prevent long-term damage that the swelling can do!! Should I stop breastfeeding because of all this ibuprofen? Do you think the benefits of breastfeeding outweighs the risks of THAT much ibuprofen on a little baby's liver?

Also, if I am diagnosed with RA, I will have to stop BF for sure because the meds they put you on are not safe with BFing. And you can't really postpone the medication, because it is an autoimmune disease and ealy, aggressive treatment is very important so as not to cause long-term damage to the joints and to help put you into remission.

What would you do if you were me???? I hate to stop breastfeeding my baby because she loves it sooo much and it is so easy for me! Help!!! ~Karin