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    I am mother of a 7 week old, who has been going 3-4 hours during the day between feedings and started sleeping 6-7 hours at a time during the night, waking once to feed at night.

    How often does she need to feed at this age? She is healthy and gaining weight, but I do not want to risk my milk supply. I am working part time and pump at work and let her dictate how often at home.

    How often should she be feeding. Is 6-7 times per 24 hours ok? Is my milk supply at risk?


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    How many wet and dirty diapers? That's usually the best answer. My dd is 11 wks and nurses 6 to 8 times every 24 hrs. Which is completely different than my first, who nursed 14 times a day.

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    With my first baby, she slept 11 hours at night starting at 6 weeks (lucky me back then, not so lucky this time around!) That meant no night nursing and usually 5 feedings in the daytime. My milk adjusted fine and we nursed easily for a year. As long as baby seems content, is growing well, and peeing often I wouldn't worry! Your LO probably has a 2-month checkup coming up, and then you can ask to return for a wt check sooner than the 4 month appt if you're concerned.
    Good luck!

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