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Thread: Using a lactation aid

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    Smile Using a lactation aid

    We are using the SNS (supplemental nursing system) officially. I had to take my son's bottle nipple and thread the tubing through it and let him get used to that. Then, later he was willing to take it at the breast. It feels really good to have him at the breast, again.

    He is so funny, though. He absolutely knows that the milk is coming from the tubing. He takes one suck and if I have not "undone" the tubing yet to let the milk flow, he pulls off the breast immediately. I have milk, but he wants the instant gratification from the tubing.

    I need to go back to the IBCLC to have her help me with his latch and make sure that I am not reinforcing a bad latch or something.

    Like I said, it feels really good to have him at the breast just for the closeness alone, but of course I also want him to bring in his milk supply. I know that the SNS book says that the baby will get my milk, too, but it seems like he is not. When I pump immediately after feeding him, I get the same amount from both sides. Doesn't it seem like I ought to get less from the side on which he fed?

    Anybody else used one of these things?

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    Default Re: Using a lactation aid

    congratulations, its an excellent feeling. It may take time to actually wean from the tubing but it will happen. Pumping is a difficult indicator of what your lo actually got from you. To answer your question honestly im not sure. If you are trying to increase your supply I would say go ahead and pump, use that milk for the sns. You dont want too much milk however. Sounds like you are doing great mamma, hang in there. I used a sns briefly, we had some major nipple confusion in the beginning. we are all boob now. hang in there
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    Default Re: Using a lactation aid

    Do you feel like he's only sucking on the tubing? Or do you feel a tug-release on your nipple, as well?

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