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Thread: Regressing??

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    My 8 mo old breastfed son seemed interested in solids at 4.5 mos and so I began offering watery cereals. At 5.5 mos he was on single ingredient fruits and veggies. By 6.5 mos he was a pro at combination meals and never turned anything down. What an eater! Except for peaches. Didn't care for peaches, but took them anyway like a little trouper. He even began to pince and self feed. Now here we are. Completely independent of the solid feedings, we have been partially weaning down off breast feedings and replacing those meals with formula bottles. Same amount (roughly) and frequency. He actually took to the switch rather nicely. For two weeks or so we have been on 2x a day nursings, wake and bed. Suddenly, I am "soft" for these two feedings and he acts hungry still after nursing. I fear I am drying up. Almost simultaneously, he decided to go on a solid food boycott.

    After three days of tantrums and food refusals in the highchair at every mealtime, I gave up (that was two days ago). I have tried warmer, cooler, different flavors, different settings, entertainment, you-name-it. He's hungry, but flat out refuses to eat, demanding nursings instead, but willing to accept bottle. For the last three days (so five total) I have given him no solid meals, only breastmilk and formula (was told he would be sufficiently nourished at 8 mos old like this, no worries). Kicker is... he will accept the same solid meals from the sitter (I provide from home). Just not from me. So I doubt it is the food, or any kind of illness, or appetite problem. This is clearly behavioral.

    But what to do??? Why are his feeding habits regressing all of a sudden? Will they come back soon, or will I have to re-introduce solids from the very beginning again? Am I creating some kind of negative association or bad vibe at mealtime that I am just missing? Help! I don't want bad habits to form! We were doing so well...


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    . Just a thought and I hope some other mommas come on here soon. Maybe he is trying to increase your supply as you have suggested it is dwindiling. I would just go with the flow. If he is not interested in solids offer but dont push. BM should be his primary source anyway. Try again in a few weeks. He must want to connect with you, little babes are so funny like that

    some other questions that may help other moms answer your questions

    1. how often do you bf/formula feed
    2. how much solid is he getting
    3. Are you trying to wean from the breast?

    hang in there mum
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