My DD is 13 months and I noticed that she was consuming 6 (8oz) bottles a day. It just seemed like too many bottles. (formula and breastmilk)
I eventually want her drink cows milk but I dont want her to drink more than 16 ozs of that in a day.

I told her day care provider (my sister) to try to only give her 2 bottles while I am at work and I would give her 2 bottles when I got home.

My DD loves food but is a NY'er. Eats on the run...literally.

So far when I get home, she only has had 1 bottle. She isn't more cranky or tired than normal. But she eats gerber puffs, tons of cherrios, broccoli, carrots, pasta, chicken and fish. In addition to anything that we might be eating at the moment.

She will literally run by snatch it off our plates and run off smiling
Cantelope, grapes, bananas, apples and juice are always a fav.
She is drinking at least 8ozs of water and 4ozs of juice (watered down)

So I guess my concerns are:
Did I drop her bottle count too drastically?
Is she eating enough food throughout my work day?
She has 5-6 wet ones a day and one dirty at least once every 2 days.