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Thread: 5pm and NO supply!

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    Default 5pm and NO supply!

    LO is 9 weeks old, gaining wt well, nursing well (finally).

    I know it's normal to have a lowered supply in the evening but come 5pm, I've been almost completely empty!!! It's like my boobs shut off from 3pm-8pm. LO is so fussy at this time anyway and when I try to feed her, she gets so frustrated.
    We've started giving her pumped bottles at this time because I just don't have anything to give her.

    My question: Is there anything I can do to increase milk supply at this time of day? While DH is feeding her the bottle, should I be pumping to stimulate more supply? Or is this just the way it is?....

    My supply is usually good in the afternoon and then 'back' around 8pm....

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    Default Re: 5pm and NO supply!

    Having the lo at the breast is always better than the pump... How do you figure your supply is low. other than the fussiness?
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    Default Re: 5pm and NO supply!

    Here's a link that may prove helpful -

    Here's another - it helps you determine if the supply is really low.
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    Default Re: 5pm and NO supply!

    For me the best way to keep my supply up was to keep Lola nursing as much as possible. Your breasts may not feel full but they're certainly not empty! Our babies are the most efficient "extracters" around. Whenever I felt I wasn't meeting Lola's needs I would try to calm down, breath deeply and just try to work through it. The more she sucks the more your breasts are being signaled to make milk. I know that's easier said than done when you have a screaming baby who you think is starving because of you. Don't worry, she'll be fine for that one feeding. Giving her bottles during that time will only lower your supply more. It can become a vicious psychological cycle. You think she's not getting enough so you try to give her bottles, then your supply slows down. Remember, it's all about supply and demand! It may take a couple days but try to keep at it.

    Could she be fussing because she has gas? There were times that I thought Lola was fussing because she wasn't getting enough but realized that she was having trouble burping.

    Well hope some of this helps. Keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: 5pm and NO supply!

    during my dd's fussy perios I usually try and get her in the sling and let her nurse whatever is there- she usually falls asleep and that solves the issue- then by the time she wakes up I've got more milk again. sometimes I give a bttle though, when she won't go for the sling solution-

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    Default Re: 5pm and NO supply!

    In the evenings it's normal for your supply to go down- it happens to everyone. But in the evenings your milk will also have a higher fat content.

    What makes you think that your milk isn't there in the evenings? Is it possible that your baby is just having evening fussiness and you're interpreting it that she's still hungry?

    I dealt with a low supply issue and the way that I knew for sure was that my baby was sucking and there was no swallowing, he had gone 12 hours with only 1 wet diaper, and I stopped feeling any letdowns and I had always felt them in the past.

    Also, there is that possiblity that your LO is going through a growth spurt and your supply will take a few days to catch up. As the previous posters mentioned the more you put baby to breast the faster your supply will increase. If you're supplementing during that time every day then you're telling your body it doesn't need to make more milk during that time! I would try 3 days w/o giving expressed milk and see if that helps.

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    Default Re: 5pm and NO supply!

    I went through the same thing with my lo and was stressed out thinking my body wasn't up to feeding my ds but after I cut dairy out of my diet 5 to 7 melt downs ended. I also started trying to get him to sleep earlier and that helped too

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