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Thread: How to stop him from slipping off?

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    Default How to stop him from slipping off?

    My 3 week old constantly slips off onto my nipple. I can get him latched on fine in the beginning, and he does well when my milk lets down. However, after the flow slows, he slips onto the nipple, causing pain. I take him off and relatch, over and over again. Eventually, though, he gets frustrated by this, and loses interest. I've been to a LC, and tried everything I can think of, but he can't seem to keep a good deep latch.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: How to stop him from slipping off?

    Is he getting sleepy? You could try some of the techniques recommended for waking a sleepy nurser- tickling feet, nursing with baby naked, blowing on his face gently. If he's just slipping off, you might try holding your breast from underneath so that the weight of it isn't hanging- I still have to do this sometimes and my lo is a year old.

    Good luck, hth.

    Oh yeah, congratulations on your new baby and
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    Default Re: How to stop him from slipping off?

    I had the same problem with my first. She did it for the first month or so then eventually she stopped. My LC said sometimes they need to develop the strength and coordination to suck hard enough and stay on.

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